Why a Killer Resume is Mandatory for Career Success

So you want to land a job, do you?  Looking for a list of “most important qualities of successful candidates” or perhaps you’re perusing blog entries for “how to get ahead in your professional life.”  Plenty of workforce self-help style websites will be more than happy to deal with the peripheral strengths and tools it may take to build a successful career in the field of your choice.  What is often overlooked in these clickbait style articles, however, are the basics.

We’re talking resumes.  Sure, you may have read dozens or more articles or tutorials on how to create, format and populate that good ole CV.  These types of how-to’s are fine and dandy if you need a little hand-holding. But before you slap together a little bit of work history together with your college GPA and call it a day, we’d like to take you down a different rabbit hole.  Namely, here we’re going to delve into all the ways (other than actually applying for a job) that having a killer resume is a mandatory component for career success.

Networking, Networking, Networking

We all know that having a resume is usually necessary when submitting a job application.  Too many times candidates will start the job search process first and then slap together a resume at the last minute when they’ve found an opportunity that looks promising.  Thinking of this all-important document as a one trick pony, however, will often lead candidates to overlook the importance of crafting a stellar, personalized document.

For example, resumes are a vital part of your networking game.  Attending an event at your alma mater? If you circulate your resume to the career development folks they may be able to pair you up with an industry vet.  Invited to a professional networking function? Even if the time doesn’t quite seem right to bust out that resume over canapes, you will have one handy to forward to your new best career buddy who just happens to know of a position that will soon be open.  

Professional Social Media Platforms

Just as sharing your resume in person is vital to career growth, so is getting your skills and experience out there for the virtual career world on social media platforms.  No, we’re not talking Facebook here, although it probably gives you a better chance than Tinder or that similar online dating site. Job boards, career websites and professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn are well-known hubs for career-minded individuals to share and compare and overall be seen, garnering much-needed attention and recognition.

Increasingly, professional networking databases are also regularly reviewed and mined by both in-house and paid recruiters.  Even if you’re not currently in the job market, recruiters make it their job (literally) to place qualified candidates in top notch positions, kinda like a professional matchmaker.  Maybe your job search has more in common with online dating after all…

Speaking Engagements (and Other Extracurriculars)

Even if you aren’t in the market to make a move and love your current position and track, there are plenty of other reasons to craft a stellar resume.  If you’re looking to become known as an expert in your field, you may want to consider participating in industry panels, conferences, and speaking series events.  These types of extracurricular activities can lead to recognition, travel and even promotions or other perks in your current role.

Not sure where to get started on this path?  Try submitting your resume along with a topic idea or two to your favorite industry conferences.  Often times event organizers are in need of quality content to help make these gatherings interesting and engaging.  New to your field? Never fear! Seeing the world that you work in from all angles is vital, especially to conferences looking to cater to those across all experience levels.  Put together a dynamic resume that focuses on your skills and highlights your education and use it to pitch for a “this is how you break in” type of topic or a “tips for those just getting started” bent.  

The Wrap Up

Getting your name and experience out there isn’t just for those applying to a specific position or looking for a job change.  Sure, having a tailored and streamlined resume ready to go can help you jump quickly onto these types of opportunities and can also open up the door for recruiters to more easily connect you with unsought out positions.  Having a stellar resume on hand, however, yields so many more benefits in your long-term career. Networking, whether face to face or online, and building your personal brand and reputation in your field is incredibly helpful towards long-term career happiness and fulfillment.  

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